Our certified instructors (Barre-tenders) will work with you to provide a comfortable and personalized experience at any fitness level.


Laura C.

Founder, Barre, barre brawl instructor

Laura has always been drawn to sports, dance and fitness. She was a dancer for 15 years and taught dance classes for four years at a studio in Iowa.  She’s been engaged in group fitness for over 20 years, as a student and instructor, and she loves empowering others to reach their health and fitness goals.  

Laura is certified in the Barre Amped and Barre 60 methods, although she’s comprehensively studied six different styles of barre, as well as the human anatomy of exercise and movement.  She's also certified in Barre Fight (a barre and kickboxing fusion). She strives to connect with clients and create a relaxed class setting where students feel comfortable challenging themselves and trying new postures when they’re physically ready. Laura's grown to love the extreme physical and emotional benefits of a well-crafted barre session. She’s also CPR/AED certified.

When she's not engaged in group fitness, Laura loves baking, crafting, traveling, reading, outdoor activities and spending time with her husband and two daughters. 


barre, barre brawl, Balletone, Cardio Yoga instructor

Erin has had a passion for movement, dance, and fitness since she was a young girl. After years of studying dance, Erin turned to group fitness to stay active in college while studying music education. Shortly thereafter, she began her journey as a group fitness instructor.


Erin is certified in Barre Above, Cardio Yoga, Balletone, Barre Fight (a barre and kickboxing fusion), and POP Pilates, in addition to other group fitness strength formats.  She's also CPR/AED certified. She has been teaching throughout Central Florida for over five years. Erin’s classes are driven by music! Her history of studying and teaching music inspires her classes to move with the music as you work toward a stronger, healthier you!


Erin works full time as an elementary music teacher. When she’s not teaching, Erin enjoys rock climbing and exploring the outdoors – though she is equally happy to be inside with a good book!


barrelates, MAT PILATES instructor

Heather is a teacher and entertainer at heart. She's been a top contracted performer and trainer for Universal Orlando for over 20 years as Marilyn & Lucy.


Outside of the world of entertainment, Heather loves to teach fitness classes. She opened the first pole fitness studio in Florida with 3 locations where she taught exotic dance fitness, pole, barre, hula hoop cardio, and dance cardio choreography.  Not long after, she was blessed with 2 beautiful girls and decided to step away from studio ownership. In 2017 she jumped back into the fitness industry by adding Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer certifications to her roster of methods.


Heather has her B.S. degree in Health, Communications, and Entrepreneurship and is trained in the Total Barre method.  As a lifestyle coach, she loves to combine her knowledge of health, fitness, beauty, and entrepreneurship with women so they can create their own sexy, healthy, happy and fulfilled lifestyles.  


barre instructor

Growing up in a competitive dance studio and becoming an apprentice for a national dance convention gave Amanda the ‘dancing bug’. While traveling the world dancing on cruise ships and around the U.S., she fell in love with teaching group fitness in between each job. 


Amanda loves teaching all types of fitness, including Power, Yoga, and cardio interval training, but barre holds a special place in her heart because it works all the 'dancer muscles’. Barre also carried her through a neck injury, allowing her to feel successful due to the low impact, yet high intensity nature of the workout!  Amanda earned certifications through Barre 54 and Barre 3 and has years of experience teaching barre fitness.  She's also CPR/AED certified.


When Amanda isn’t instructing, she’s helping people get healthy through nutrition coaching, her other passion. She's also Mom to a 1 year old girl and 3 year old boy who keep her busy! She loves outdoor activities and traveling with her ‘high school sweetheart’ husband and 2 kiddos! 


ballet BARRE instructor

Chrissy has been teaching dance in the Central Florida area for almost 20 years. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, she began her teaching career at The School of Performing Arts, working with dancers of all ages, with a concentration in ballet and jazz.


During this time, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist and earned her Masters in Arts Sports and Fitness: Health/Wellness and Applied Exercise Physiology from UCF. She now teaches at Tutus School of Dance in Oviedo. 

Chrissy recently earned her barre certification through Barre Above.

Combining her multi-disciplinary expertise and specialized training, Chrissy integrates her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and overall body functionality, into her dance and fitness classes. She’s excited to bring her love of Classical Ballet Barre, and knowledge of the body, to Breaking Barre to create a dynamic exercise experience for her students.


barre, Mat pilates instructor

Harlee graduated as a Theatre Major from Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in 2010, with a concentration in Performance, where she studied Dance Technique from Broadway Dancer-choreographers: Byron Easley, Lloyd Culbreath and Gary Lewis. Harlee has over 10 years of musical theatre dance experience and has several years of experience instructing Barre Above, Pilates Barre, Ballet Sculpt and Cardio Dance classes with students of all ages and fitness levels.


Harlee was a dancer in the Lake Worth Playhouse's productions of School House Rock Live and Godspell.  Harlee's goal is to use the conditioning exercise knowledge attained from her performing arts background as well as her Barre Above (BA), BA Pilates Focus, and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor Certifications, to empower others to love and respect their bodies by emphasizing the health benefits of exercise.  Harlee is also CPR/AED certified.


Dance Fitness Instructor

From the moment Erika slipped on her first pair of ballet shoes at the age of two, she was hooked. Erika has studied dance extensively with over  20 years of training. She graduated from UCF with a degree in Physical Education and served as a dance instructor in the Florida public school system for 10 years.

Erika is certified in both Zumba and Zumba Gold. She incorporates her knowledge of Zumba and her diverse dance background into a dynamic dance fitness class that's exciting and engaging. She's also currently CPR/AED certified.


Erika loves that dance fitness masquerades as a workout in disguise, providing an opportunity to let loose, sweat and smile. When Erika isn’t instructing, she’s running her wreath-making business, Handmade by Harvey. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, traveling, spending time with family and baking with her daughter.


yoga Instructor

Suzie is a 200-hour certified Hatha Yoga instructor.  She discovered the joy of yoga through meditation. Using meditation to calm her mind and ease stress, she discovered the physical practice of yoga and it changed her life forever! She's been teaching yoga full-time since 2009 and is skilled in all levels of yoga, including gentle, Yin, prenatal, therapeutic, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Power Flow.


Suzie understands the importance of educating her students on proper body alignment in each posture to assure a safe and productive practice. She truly believes that yoga is a life long wellness program of mind, body, and spirit and feels honored to be able to offer the wisdom of yoga to help others care for themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually, in a loving and safe way. Suzie strives to ensure that all her students feel confident and satisfied with their yoga practice and, most importantly, that they have fun!


barre, Barre Flow Instructor

Ever since she was young, Ava channeled her energy into ballet, jazz, and tap classes. She attended a variety of different dance studios, including competition studios and ballet companies. When she moved for college and was no longer able to take dance classes on a regular basis, Ava discovered her love for group fitness, specifically yoga and barre. She loved the dance-like movements that were incorporated into the workouts! Ava also found that group exercise was an incredible outlet that helped her live a more balanced life, rather than one that was solely focused on school. She decided to pursue her barre certification through American Barre Technique (ABT) so she could instruct the barre classes that she enjoyed so much!


Ava is a Biomedical Sciences major at the University of Central Florida. She's excited to apply the knowledge she is gaining about the human body to ensure all participants are using proper body alignment. Ava has a deep appreciation for the role of exercise in both physical and mental health!  Ava is currently ABT barre and CPR/AED certified.


barre, Barrelates INSTRUCTOR

Melissa has loved dance and music from a very young age. However, it wasn’t until grad school that she discovered both loves could be expressed through fitness. It all came together with POP Pilates in 2009.  Bringing together core chiseling moves with music you can jam to was a dream come true. Sharing that love through teaching keeps her upbeat and excited to learn and grow with each new phase in life. Her bubbly personality brings life and light to her classes, even in the early morning hours. She is committed to showing her students that fitness can be fun and not a chore. Melissa is POP Pilates certified and in 2020 she became Barre Above certified, so she can teach barre and barrelates classes as well.

When she's not teaching, you can find her slinging drinks at her full time job, enjoying the magic that is Disney, because  let’s face it, it’s her second home and where her heart lives. She also enjoys baking, sewing and reading in her spare time.

laura b.

barre instructor

Laura B. is excited to bring her zany blend of wellness and motivation to the tribe at Breaking Barre! Formerly an All American springboard diver, Laura discovered dance while competing for Purdue University in the 80's. Weary of being frozen, soaking wet, nearly naked and terrified, she retired from competition and began coaching professionally. At about that time, Laura stumbled into serious dance classes, applied that to what she knew from sports, and found purpose. Thirty-six years later, she is still helping people reach their goals, stay in shape, and conquer their inner demons. Her connection with students, down-to-earth conversational style, and cross-training make her classes something unique. She specializes in stretching, classic barre fitness and dance fitness, but you may see her filling in for other styles. Laura is certified in the Barre Revolution method and has been instructing barre classes for years.


“I was put on this earth to make people redefine age”, says Laura. She and her husband Tom have 3 grown children, and their first grandbaby on the way!


barre flow instructor

Janina been a fitness instructor for 20 years and has experience in all types of modalities - step, full body toning, cycle, TRX, hip hop, boot camp - but by far, her favorite is barre. Barre allowed her to channel her inner ballerina by incorporating ballet movements with lengthening and toning exercises. She remembers her first barre class vividly. She had been doing Crossfit for 9 years and was confident she would crush the barre workout as a result. But she couldn't even make it through the arm section with 1 pound weights! This was when she saw the true value of barre; not only does the time fly because you're dancing the hour away, but you target small muscle groups you wouldn't typically notice!


Her family moved to Orlando 2 years ago from West Palm Beach, where she taught at Vault Fitness and Tribe Studios. She adores her husband, who is her best friend and allows her to test her classes on him. Together, they have been blessed with two precious little boys. 


dance fitness instructor

Allie has been a dance fitness instructor for over 10 years and is currently an NASM certified personal trainer.  She grew up dancing competitively and previously performed as an Orlando Solar Bears Ice Girl and Makos Cheerleader in West Palm Beach.

In addition to being an NASM certified personal trainer, Allie earned a barre certification through BootyBarre. 

Allie recently traveled the entire west coast in a van and vlogged her travels for a year and a half. Another fun fact about Allie is that she is a hula hoop performer!



kid care ASSOCIATE

Melissa is the proud grandmother of two little girls (ages 5 and 7), and she loves spending time with them.


Melissa is a member of the Oviedo Woman’s Club and serves as the Education Chair and Philanthropic Chair.  


She also currently volunteers at Evans Elementary and oversees the Reading Acceleration Program (RAP) and the Healthy Hands Program, where she teaches children how to properly wash their hands.  In addition, she's a RAP volunteer for several other local elementary schools.  She truly enjoys teaching children to read!

Melissa is also CPR/AED certified.


kid care associate

Katelyn has been working with children for the past decade, as a Bible School leader, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Services Case Manager, and volunteer at Nemours, where she engaged pediatric patients and their siblings in play and normalization activities. 

Katelyn has a minor degree in Early Childhood Development and Education.  She also earned certificates in Understanding Youth and Adolescent Development, Mental Heath First Aid Training, and SNAP Facilitator Training, in addition to being CPR/AED and First Aid certified.

Katelyn absolutely loves working with kids. Her goal, after graduating, is to become a Mental Health Counselor and registered Play Therapist, specializing in children and adolescents.

In her free time, she enjoys going to Disney and creating arts and crafts.

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