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At Breaking Barre, we offer a variety of classes that can effectively serve as your entire fitness program, incorporating strength, cardio and restoration. Find a workout that works for you!

Classic Barre

Our most popular, full-body workout fuses functional movement, Pilates, yoga and basic ballet postures with resistance equipment, low-impact cardio and stretching using a neutral spine for maximum safety. Options are provided to accommodate a variety of fitness levels, while encouraging a mind-body connection. (Sticky socks are recommended.)

Express Barre

Think Classic Barre, but shorter and slightly faster paced. You’ll perform many of the same strength-building exercises and stretches to achieve a complete full-body workout in just 40 to 45 minutes. (Sticky socks are recommended.)

Barre Extend

Love Classic Barre, but want an added focus on ballet postures and a little extra cardio set to continuous music? Barre Extend fuses ballet, Pilates, and strength training with continual fat-burning motion. The consistent flow of class and extended cardio series keeps the heart pumping. (Sticky socks are recommended.)

Barre Brawl

Unleash your inner beast with this fusion spin on cardio kickboxing! This high-intensity interval training workout combines the best of barre and cardio kickboxing to improve your coordination, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Punching and kicking combinations are performed to the beat of the music, and alternated with barre exercises for maximum results. There's no physical contact (no punching bag), and low-impact options are provided, which protects joints and prevents injury. You'll leave sweaty and empowered! (Sticky socks or bare feet are recommended.)

Barre Bounce

Get ready for a high intensity, low impact barre/mini trampoline fusion workout that will torch calories and leave you feeling energized! This hybrid class alternates between resistance-focused barre exercises and cardio bounce sequences. A study conducted by NASA concluded that rebounding is the most efficient form of exercise! Benefits include weight loss; boosted immune system; increased lymphatic flow; strengthened pelvic floor; reduced back pain, depression, anxiety, and stress; and improved blood sugar levels, bone density, core strength, and cardiovascular endurance!  Barre Bounce is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and experience.  (Bare feet or sticky socks are recommended.) 

Barre Asana

Similar to Classic Barre, with an added focus on yoga-based postures. Barre Asana fuses elements of barre, yoga, strength, and low-impact cardio set to fun music for a comprehensive fitness experience. (Sticky socks are recommended.)

Barre Stretch

Barre Stretch is a gentle class that will increase your flexibility and range of motion while decreasing your risk of injury. Stretching increases blood flow and nutrient supply to your muscles, which can help your muscles recover from workouts faster and reduce muscle soreness. Barre Stretch will also help calm your mind and give your body a chance to recharge while enjoying carefully curated music. All flexibility and fitness levels welcome! (Sticky socks or bare feet recommended.)

Barre Strength

This strength-focused barre class features some of our heavier weights! We'll incorporate many aspects of traditional strength-training, using heavier weights, combined with traditional barre props to keep the movement functional and focused. This class will still feature the combination work of barre exercises, giving a cardio push for the heart rate as well! (Sticky socks are recommended).

Barre Core

Similar to Classic Barre, with the primary focus on strengthening core muscles, including the abdominals/obliques, glutes and back. Strong, stable core muscles help effectively coordinate movement to our arms, legs and spine. This reduces our chance of being injured and improves balance, posture, coordination, and performance in sports. (Sticky socks are recommended.)

Cardio Pilates

Strengthen your body and engage your "powerhouse" with this invigorating class rooted in the fundamentals of Pilates, cardio fitness, and strength training. Cardio Pilates incorporates both mat work and vertical Pilates-based exercises with props to replicate the reformer. The lack of assistance and support from a reformer provides an added challenge for balance and strength in some postures. (Bare feet or sticky socks are recommended.)

Cardio Dance

Burn fat while you jam out to your favorite music in this high-energy cardio blast class. Cardio Dance blends easy-to-follow dance moves with plyometrics for maximum effectiveness. No dance experience necessary! You’ll have so much fun, it won’t even feel like a workout. Bring your friends to make it a real dance party! (Tennis shoes are recommended.)

Cardio Yoga

Cardio Yoga is an athletic style of yoga, involving a flowing sequence of dynamic yoga asanas (yoga postures set to dynamic, continuous movement). The class experience is an emotional voyage, guiding students to break through negativity and obstacles while reaching for their highest potential. This sweat drenched journey uses movement patterns that are specifically designed not only to give you a great workout, but to evoke an emotional journey as well, creating uplifting feelings of joy and confidence. (Bare feet are recommended.)

Ballet Fit

This ballet-style class incorporates an emphasis on ballet postures and graceful movements designed to tone long, lean muscle. You don't need to be a ballerina to participate, but you'll feel like one afterward! If you love ballet, this is the class for you!

(Ballet shoes, ballet socks or sticky socks are recommended.)

30 Minute Bounce

This 30 minute cardio blast will torch calories and leave you feeling energized! It's 100% cardio (No Barre/resistance training) and it's choreographed to fun music. We'll start class with a 3 to 4 minute warm up, followed by 20 to 23 minutes of rebounding (beginning with slower tempo and working our way up to a Barre Bounce pace) with short breaks in between each song. We'll end with 4 to 5 minutes of cooldown/stretching. Designed for all fitness levels... beginners welcome!

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