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Lisette b.

"I absolutely LOVE this barre studio! I have never stuck with a workout program like I have with Breaking Barre‘s classes. Since joining in June (6 months ago), I have lost 35 lbs and have just taken my 100th class. Laura (the owner) has created such a kind and welcoming environment that I truly look forward to working out every day. There is a reason BB won the best gym in Oviedo for 2021! All of the instructors and other members are so incredibly nice and I have made some great friends since joining. Also, this studio is so, so clean! Surfaces and equipment are wiped down between classes and members are safely spaced during workouts. I can not say enough nice things about Breaking Barre! If you’re on the fence, please take my advice and give it a try. You won’t regret it!"


"Today is one month since myself and my two daughters joined Breaking Barre.  The day we started, I also made a commitment to put myself first (hard for a single Mom) and improve my health.  As of today, I have lost 13 pounds!  While I'm very happy with that, I'm even happier with the non-scale results.  Each class I'm getting stronger and I'm able to do more.  I was telling Harlee this morning that I just started being able to do real bridges this week!!  Seems small, but it's big for me.  Thank you so much to all the amazing staff... special shout-out to my morning ladies, Ava, Melissa and Harlee!  Every instructor has been so helpful and motivated me even more!!"

Lauryn D.

"1. I'm finally in a bathing suit again - after 2 years, I feel comfortable in a bathing suit!
2. I know I'm stronger.  I can actually lift things and I can feel the muscles in my legs.
3. I usually get bored easily; I'm never bored [with Breaking Barre] and I'm always challenged!

4. It's fun and it really works!"

Sarah B.

Working out at Breaking Barre has brought so much joy to my life. Breaking Barre embodies the inclusive fitness culture one dreams about but didn’t believe actually existed. I love everything about this studio! The highlights from my experience:

• The unparalleled variety of class formats [classic, strength, mini-trampoline!!!, extend, kickboxing, core, dance, and more] keeps workouts fresh and exciting!
• The tracks are 100% music selection perfection – makes for such a fun workout! I love the individuality of each instructor’s routines and sets.
• This studio has great classes for all fitness levels. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and provide lots of options. I love that the focus is on health and wellness.
• The studio itself is top notch. It is the cleanest studio (with air purifiers!), has an impressive variety of equipment for different classes, the cutest sticky socks and apparel in town, and the studio is just beautiful.
• The community and sense of belonging can best be described as incredibly authentic, positive, and warm. Everyone is so welcoming and kind, it just feels right!

Thank you Laura (the owner) for your vision and bringing a studio like this to life!

Tara s.

"I can’t describe in words what going to this facility for my workouts means. I gained a new supportive family to help me along my fitness goals. The staff are encouraging and amazing. I have met amazing people who I have created great friendships with. Each class is like therapy - great music selection, hard classes made fun, and an hour long work out that works not only my body (which is stronger - and it’s true about the “barre booty”), but my mind. Once you come - you won’t regret it! Love that you have the option to do classes virtually and in person. The Covid practices are top notch!"

emily d.

"I love this studio! I started barre in October and haven't looked back. I'm stronger, more confident, and found something that challenges me. Each class wants to make me stick it out because the results are great and I feel empowered."

dawn j.

"I’m there every week so obviously I’m in love with this place and the instructors! Clean, super friendly and they know their stuff when it comes to getting fit!"

Maria k.

"I absolutely love Breaking Barre! The atmosphere and instructors are so welcoming and friendly! AND, they are doing an incredible job at keeping everyone safe with their protocols and sanitizing standards! I feel safe and love working out in the studio!"

evelin p.

"I love this studio and I actually look forward to my workouts. There are so many types of classes to choose from and each one is different, so you are never doing the same workout twice. Classes are challenging and fun and I love the community that has been built in this studio."

Alison b.

"I have tried almost every barre studio in the greater Orlando area. Breaking Barre has the most variety in classes and all of the instructors are amazing. I'd try and choose a favorite but they are all great!"

Janelle r.

"Breaking Barre has truly been a blessing to me. I've honestly dreamed of a place like this for a very long time! I can't begin to say how wonderful this place is. It has very thought-out/detailed setup and decor, very clean, and small childcare I can actually trust with my kids while I work out with peace of mind. The instructors are awesome and the classes offered are amazing. I also love that they offer video classes since COVID as well! You won't regret giving it a try!"

hailey p.

"This is truly one of the best studio gyms in Orlando. I had a membership at a popular franchise gym but it was cliquey and far too expensive. Breaking Barre is a premium studio gym at a really affordable price. I constantly recommend it to all my friends, especially because the other gym members are very kind and there is a wide range of different classes you can take. Breaking Barre is definitely a gem in Oviedo!"

dayna d.

"Ever since I left the competitive performing arts I grew up with, I’ve had a hard time finding a gym or workout routine that actually keeps me interested and motivated. This is absolutely the longest I’ve stuck with any fitness program or gym and I actually have fun doing it!"


"This is my happy place. Every single instructor and staff are genuinely caring, friendly, welcoming and encouraging. Each class is different which leads to challenging motivation. Specific cues help with the mind body connection to ensure the workout you desire while giving options for how your individual body is feeling on any given day. You always leave satisfied and completely refreshed in mind, body and soul. Can’t recommend this studio highly enough, although I almost wish I could keep it a secret!!! Personal Attention to you and a clean healthy environment is the focus here. More than worth the extremely reasonable membership cost. It’s like nothing else out there. Do not hesitate."


"I have been an active participant with Breaking Barre since their opening (Nov. 2019), and it’s one of the best exercise regimens I’ve ever been on. I was always afraid of “classes” as I build muscle quite easily and just look bulky, but Breaking Barre offers quite the different effect. I have gained lean muscle, and, along with some lifestyle modifications I have lost 64 lbs since starting here. Thank you so much for a fun exercise experience that has truly brought me to the best shape of my life! Laura and all her staff are amazing, encouraging, uplifting, and make class fun. I never dread exercise when I attend classes at Breaking Barre!"

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