At Breaking Barre, we offer a variety of classes that can effectively serve as your entire fitness program, incorporating strength, cardio and restoration. Find a workout that works for you!


Our most popular class fuses yoga, Pilates, and ballet postures with both small and large range-of-motion exercises using a neutral spine for maximum safety.  Our barre classes incorporate strength training, cardio, and stretching for a comprehensive, effective workout.  You'll use your body weight, hand and ankle weights, light props and the barre to target muscles in your arms, legs, seat, abs, chest and back and then engage in static, passive and dynamic stretching. We encourage each individual to modify postures and have fun while developing a mind-body connection. Our method burns fat, builds long, lean muscle, strengthens joints and improves flexibility. (Sticky socks are recommended.)


Think Classic Barre, but shorter and slightly faster paced. You’ll perform many of the same strength-building exercises and stretches to achieve a complete full-body workout in just 40 minutes. (Sticky socks are recommended.)

BARRE flow

Love Classic Barre, but want a little extra cardio?  Barre Flow fuses ballet, yoga and Pilates postures with continual fat-burning motion, incorporating both small and large range-of-motion exercises using a neutral spine. You’ll utilize your own body weight, as well as weights and light props to facilitate a holistic class that incorporates stretching, strength, stability and stamina. The consistent flow of class and (at least one) 8-minute cardio series per class keeps the heart pumping. Participants are encouraged to modify postures and have fun while developing a mind-body connection. (Sticky socks are recommended.)

barre brawl

Unleash your inner beast with this new fusion spin on cardio kickboxing!  This 60-minute, high-intensity workout combines the best of barre and cardio kickboxing to improve your coordination, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.  Punching and kicking combinations are performed to the beat of the music, and coupled with barre exercises for maximum results.  There's no physical contact (no punching bag), which protects your joints.  You'll leave class sweaty and empowered to take on any challenge!  (Sticky socks or bare feet are recommended.)

barre asana

Barre Asana fuses elements of barre, yoga, and low-impact cardio set to fun music for a comprehensive fitness experience.  You'll challenge your balance and strength with barre and yoga-focused postures involving small range-of-motion pulsing and isometric holds. Large range-of-motion, fluid cardio movements are incorporated to drive up the heart-rate and burn calories.  You'll leave class feeling sweaty, challenged, and empowered!  (Sticky socks are recommended.)

barre cardio

Similar to Classic Barre, but with an emphasis on continual fat burning motion.  You'll still get fantastic toning benefits, targeting muscles in your arms, legs, seat, abs, chest and back, but you can expect fewer pulses and more large range of motion movement to get the heart pumping and improve cardiovascular health.

barre core

Similar to Classic Barre, with the primary focus on strengthening core muscles, including the abdominals/obliques, glutes and back.  Strong, stable core muscles help effectively coordinate movement to our arms, legs and spine. This reduces our chance of being injured and improves balance, posture, coordination, and performance in sports.  (Sticky socks are recommended.)


This class incorporates some Classic Barre elements with an emphasis on ballet postures and graceful movements designed to tone long, lean muscle.  You don't need to be a ballerina to participate, but you'll feel like one afterward! (Ballet shoes, ballet socks or sticky socks are recommended.)


Balletone is non-stop cardio that blends techniques drawn from ballet, Pilates, and fitness. As a low impact class, this workout is designed for all fitness levels and develops musical endurance, balance, full-body strength (with an emphasis on core strength), and agility! Filled with flowing and dynamic sequences that are performed center-floor, this class will leave you feeling strong, graceful, and elegant. No dance experience necessary!  (Sticky socks, bare feet or Bellarina Toe Sox are recommended.)


Get the best of both worlds with Barrelates! This fusion class combines the dynamic movements of barre with the strengthening exercises of mat Pilates. This class incorporates upbeat music and is both challenging and fun. All fitness levels welcome!  (Sticky socks are recommended.)

mat pilates FUSION - Pilates fusion

Strengthen your body and engage your "powerhouse" with this invigorating strength and conditioning class rooted in the fundamentals of Pilates, yoga and strength training. You'll reap all the benefits of a traditional Pilates class, including toning, improved flexibility, better posture, and a mind-body connection.  Mat Pilates Fusion incorporates primarily mat Pilates work.  Pilates Fusion incorporates both mat work and vertical Pilates exercises with props to replicate the reformer. (Bare feet or sticky socks are recommended.)

cardio dance

Burn fat while you jam out to your favorite music in this high-energy cardio blast class. Cardio Dance blends easy-to-follow dance moves with plyometrics for maximum effectiveness. No dance experience necessary! You’ll have so much fun, it won’t even feel like a workout. Bring your friends to make it a real dance party! (Tennis shoes are recommended.)

empower cardio yoga

Empower Cardio Yoga is an athletic style of yoga, involving a flowing sequence of dynamic yoga asanas (yoga postures set to dynamic, continuous movement). The class experience is an emotional voyage, guiding students to break through negativity and obstacles while teaching for their highest potential. This sweat drenched journey uses movement patterns that are specifically designed not only to give you a great workout, but to evoke an emotional journey as well, creating uplifting feelings of joy and confidence. (Bare feet are recommended.)

back and hips yoga

This gentle class offers safe and effective postures and stretches to address lumbar pain/strain, sciatica, the SI joint, and other common back ailments. Gentle poses are incorporated to help alleviate tension as well as chronic cervical pain. The therapeutic approach of this class aims to reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation and improve function and range of motion through the spine and hips. This class is not recommended for acute back or neck problems. Consult your health care provider before starting a new exercise program.  (Bare feet or sticky socks are recommended.) 
*Appropriate for Prenatal Yoga

yoga sculpt

Yoga Sculpt for weight loss is a yoga practice geared toward increasing muscle tone, burning fat and incorporating the mindfulness of a more traditional yoga practice. This class focuses on building strength with specific movement combinations that can be enhanced with the use of hand weights. Breathwork is incorporated to increase metabolism, as well as core work to tone and strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. This class requires some yoga experience and is not intended for a beginner. (Bare feet or sticky socks are recommended.) 

Yoga Flow - mixed level

This mixed-level workout is designed for yoga students who enjoy a little more intensity than a gentle or level 1 yoga class. The class builds upon classical asanas (postures), offering a broader range of asanas, pranayama, and meditation, as well as strength-building with grace in mind and body. Find your peace through exploring this ancient practice, learning a variety of asanas and practical ways to promote mindfulness in your life. Learn how to advance your practice on and off the mat.  (Bare feet or sticky socks are recommended.)

Roll Restore Release

Keep your body ageless and agile with a Roll Restore Release class!  This class addresses areas of tightness and imbalance and focuses on multiple areas for a full-body class of Self-Myofascial Release (SMR). Foam rollers, massage balls, and yoga straps are used to apply pressure to areas of soft tissue (muscle and fascia) to stimulate circulation of blood and oxygen, and restore the length of tissues thus allowing you to recover faster and move easier, while increasing flexibility, relaxation, and agility. * This class is not suited for: new injuries, inflammation, acute Neuropathies, Pregnancy, Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, and severe varicose veins. (Bare feet or sticky socks are recommended.)